Process and Fees

Our Recruiting Process and Fees


Our recruiting process is a simple one – we listen to what our clients need, then provide them qualified candidates who fit the bill.   We will meet with the client to understand the scope of the position, but more importantly the person they need to hire, and then start to reach out to our network to provide quality candidates in a timely fashion.  We are constantly interviewing and meeting new candidates, so that we have a vast inventory to draw upon, but will also employ direct sourcing (headhunting) of candidates on behalf of our clients.  The more information we can gather from the outset from our clients, the more successful and timely the process will be. 

Once we have candidates for our client, they will be presented with a resume and notes about their skills and why we believe they are a good fit for the position.  If the client would then like to set up interviews, we coordinate this process for them.

After a successful hire is made, we will be in touch with both the client and candidate to check in to see how it is all working out.


We believe in flexibility when it comes to fees, and offer various options for our clients to choose from. 

1. Contingent fee agreement. There is only a fee payable if we successfully find the right candidate for our client.  The fee would be a one-time payment based on an agreed upon percentage of the first year salary of the candidate.

2. Flat fee agreement. A flat fee for services would be agreed upon for the search.

3. Exclusive contingent or flat fee agreement. For this agreement, the client would agree to give Peter LeGeyt Recruiting the search exclusively, and not engage other search firms.   We are happy to reduce the fee percentage or flat fee for our clients in this scenario.

4. Retained fee agreement. An up front retainer is paid to Peter LeGeyt Recruiting to engage our services, and the balance is due upon the successful hiring of a candidate.  The fee would be a percentage of the first year salary, less the retainer already paid.  For a retained fee agreement, the client would also receive right of first refusal on any candidates.  We are happy to reduce the overall fee for our clients in this scenario.

All placements are also backed up by a guarantee on the candidate that will protect the client should things not work out.


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